#DefineBrave = The Courage to Stand in Truth & Express Freedom With Katie Kozloff, Jaspen Boothe, Pat Cruz, Lisa Moreno-Dickinson and Jennifer Walsh

During this week's radio show you will learn about:

  • The #DefineBrave Campaign from Katie K Active
  • Personal Stories of Overcoming Adversity
  • Women Entrepreneurs Making a Difference: Pride & Glory and Mind.Body.Spirit EXPERIENCE
  • Explore Non-Profits: FinalSaluteInc.org and StopCAIDNow.org
katie k

The Katie K Active Signature Collection is named for founder and designer Katie Kozloff. As a fitness trainer, Kozloff worked with women of all sizes heard first hand their opinions and views on what was lacking in the activewear industry. After a few years of research, Kozloff was inspired to create activewear that blended performance, fit and fashion — workout gear that looks and feels amazing on women of all sizes. “I was excited to be able to jump in on the cutting edge as trends were changing and make my impact in the activewear industry. I wanted to create a brand that fits and flatters all of my friends in all of their sizes, without compromising the performance features that today’s women have grown to expect. Its great to create a line that is fashionable and street smart; allowing women to run from yoga, to meeting friends, to getting errands done all while feeling confident and put together.”

You can learn more about Katie K here.

Jaspen Boothe

Jas Boothe is a Chicago Native and disabled Army Veteran, who gave  13 years of service to this great nation. She deployed during the Operation Iraq Freedom/Operation Enduring Freedom campaigns and her military career has been dedicated to working with and advocating for Soldiers and their family members.

In 2005, she was a single parent in the Army Reserves living in New Orleans. That spring, she learned she would soon be deploying to Iraq. During her mobilization, Boothe’s life was torn apart by two significant events. In August she lost everything she owned due to Hurricane Katrina. She tried to shift her focus to her platoon that was counting on her for leadership through the deployment. The very next month in September, she received a devastating diagnosis of an aggressive head, neck, and throat cancer, and was now unable to deploy.

Boothe’s options were limited and posed some very hard choices for her. Because of her illness, she was facing discharge from the military. But she needed complex full-time medical care, a job, and a place to live with her young son. When searching for what assistance might be available, she was told there were no existing programs for female Veterans with children and that she should explore welfare and social services as an option, just like every other single mother. Jas then realized that America had forgotten about the women who have served, fought, bled and died along side their male counterparts. She found these options unacceptable for a woman who had honorably served her country and after extensive cancer treatment, including radiation therapy that left life-long side effects, at Brooke Army Medical Center, she was able to stay in the Reserves and immediately began looking for full-time employment and a place for her and her son to live.

In 2006, she relocated to Missouri with her aunt, where she had subsequently accepted a job offer from the Army National Guard. Later in the year, she received an opportunity to return to full-time duty in Washington, DC. Boothe never forgot what she and her son had been through and was determined to ensure her fellow sister Veterans had a resource in their time of need.

Jas Founded Final Salute Inc in November 2010 as part of her commitment to “Never Leave a Fallen Comrade”. Final Salute Inc has assisted over 300 women Veterans and children and now operates 3 transitional homes in Alexandria, VA, Martinsburg, WV and Columbus, OH.

Boothe holds a BA in Mass Communications from Mississippi Valley State University and dual MAs in Human Resource Management and Management and Leadership from Webster University. Jas is the mother of two wonderful boys, Brandon (currently serving in the United States Air Force) and Jammel Jr., and wife of a former Marine Combat Veteran, Jammel R. Boothe Sr. 6 well planned talking points

Here a few of the awards she has received for her leadership and community impact: 2014 Oprah Winfrey Standing  Ovation, CNN Hero, 2014 Live with Kelly and Michael Unstoppable Mom, 2014 YWCA Woman of Distinction, 2014 First Lady of Virginia’s FLITE Award – Opportunity Hall of Fame Inductee, 2014 Influential Woman Of the Year – Virginia Lawyer’s Media, and 2013 Woman of the Year (non-profit/government) – Stevie Awards for Women in Business.

You can learn more about Jas here.

Pat Cruz

Pat Cruz: Creative thinker, noted entrepreneur, event marketing specialist, former radio show host, avid networker, connection maker, and marketing/social media innovator nationally celebrated for her ranking in top five Rhode Islanders with highest calculated social media influence. With an entrepreneurial background that spans over two decades, Pat excels in generating unique ideas and successfully growing them from concept. She is a branding guru has a nonpareil track record of marketing to female consumers – one that is informed by her profound appreciation of what women want, what women need, and the contributions women make to our economy and culture.

Pat has created a socially oriented business environment that builds awareness, creates loyalty, and increases revenue for clients and businesses desiring access to the power of the female buyer, or female influencer in the local marketplace.

You can learn more about Pat here.

Lisa Moreno-Dickinson

Lisa Moreno-Dickinson: I’m a devoted single mom, author, executive producer, writer for the Global Genes Project/Rare Disease Community, Ambassador for #definebrave, on the board of Directors for The Wish Upon  A Hero Foundation,

President/Founder for StopCAIDNow.org. StopCAIDnow, Inc. is a non-profit organization recognized globally and first to blanket all  Auto-inflammatory Diseases.

We are a 501c3 accredited non-profit. The foundation is focused on treatments, awareness, diverse genetic testing, and genomics.

Earlier in my life I spent time overseas in London studying, working as a counselor to juvenile delinquents in jail with a background in gangs. I gave psych evaluations for the Chief of Police and spoke on behalf of CSA. I’ve also spent much of my time volunteering–everything from homeless shelters to the National Institute of Health.

I have a reputation as DAME

DAME= Determined Ambitious Mom Endlessly working for a CURE and ways to help all children with CAID(Childhood AutoInflammatory Diseases)/SAID(Systemic AutoInflammatory Diseases)

You can learn more about Lisa here.

Jennifer Walsh

BEAUTY IS MY BUSINESS! Beauty Pioneer, Beauty Entrepreneur, Beauty Executive, On Air Beauty Expert for 15 years, On Air Retail Analyst, Created One Of The 1st Beauty Boutique Concepts In The US in 1998, Beauty Writer, Guest Speaker

Jennifer Walsh has been a true pioneer for the skin care / cosmetics industry. She has been in the business for more than 15 years and has learned her craft thru hands on experience with the brands themselves and with customers throughout the world.

Ms. Walsh founded what became one of the first beauty boutique chains in the United Stated in 1998 along with one of the first beauty websites at that same time. During that time Ms. Walsh began going on air showcasing all things beauty and has been on TV for the industry longer than anyone else in the US in the beauty arena.

What makes Jennifer TRULY unique is her sheer knowledge of the industry, her longevity on TV as an expert, and her relationships with so many beauty brands. As the CEO of a chain of beauty boutiques, Jennifer was trained by more than 100 + brands and then had to educate and train her staff and her customers. She had to understand what the customers were asking for and understand what it took to run a multi chain, multi-platform business. She was featured in a 30 day video diary and blog on Entrepreneur Magazine’s website in 2007.

As a long time make-up artist, Jennifer has had the pleasure of working with celebrities such as Jessica Simpson, Mandy Moore, John Travolta, top models, top athletes and others.

As an on air TV expert in the beauty industry for over a 14 years on every network in the US ~ she is known as the one to go to to promote and most importantly EDUCATE others in their brands.

Jennifer has also been an accomplished freelance writer for over a decade for books, magazines, and blogs. She is often traveling around the world finding the newest products, meetings with new and established brands, acting as a guest on radio shows, speaking at national forums, and usually on TV some where!

Since Jennifer sold her company in 2010, she now consults for brands in roll out plans both in the US and internationally. She works closely with skin care and cosmetic companies on advertising campaigns, market research, and trend forecasting.

You can learn more about Jennifer here.

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