Holiday Sacred Space and the Art of Standing in Line With Rivvy Neshama and David Andrews

During this week’s radio show you will learn about:

  • How to Find Your Sacred Space and Center in the Midst of Holiday Madness
  • How to Connect with Holiday Sacredness — in Your Home & in Yourself
  • Everyday Sacredness
  • The Benefits of Standing in Line
  • The Relationship Between Waiting and Thinking
Rivvy neshama

Rivvy Neshama is a writer, editor, and community organizer, and the author of the recent, award-winning book, “RECIPES FOR A SACRED LIFE: True Stories and a Few Miracles.”

From dancing to forgiving, from making love to making lists, “Recipes for a Sacred Life” invites us to experience the sacred in unexpected places and everyday life. The stories are magical yet down-to-earth. They remind us of the sacredness of our own lives, and connect us more deeply with love, joy, and purpose.

Since its publication, “Recipes…” has received five national awards, including best spiritual/inspirational book of 2014. Critics have praised it for being “uplifting, witty & wise,”  “healing,” “laugh-out-loud funny,” and  “unconventionally inspiring.” FIRST for Women magazine named it the best guide to happiness they have found, while Women’s Adventure magazine called it “the essential handbook to living a sacred and meaningful life.” Publishers Weekly called it “exquisite storytelling … written in the spirit of Elizabeth Gilbert or Anne Lamott.” And Redbook magazine wrote: “Recipes for a Sacred Life left us moved—and changed. Wise, poignant, funny, and inspiring.”

Rivvy’s own spiritual path draws from many sources: Eastern and Western religions, Native traditions, and her mom! She holds degrees in philosophy, comparative literature, social work, and education. Her writing has appeared in such publications as Ms., Glamour, Spirituality & Health, and The New York Times.

Rivvy lives in Boulder, Colorado, and Sag Harbor, New York, with her husband, British author John Wilcockson.

You can learn more about Rivvy here.


David Andrews

DAVID ANDREWS was raised in Washington State and Bucharest, Romania (a land of impossibly long lines), and once served as a Russian linguist for the U.S. Navy.

You can learn more about David here.

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