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The Innovation Divaz really know the who, what and why of inventing, and love that they can share their knowledge connections and amazing inventions with their audience.
Meet Melinda Knight - entrepreneur, inventor and expert social media and celebrity gifting guru! And her co host, Dhana Cohen who has been inventing products, businesses, marketing contests, and events for over 20 years! The Innovation Divaz not only co-host this fantastic talk show, they also run the ULTIMATE connection platform for the entire inventor industry at

If you need the connections to buyers, the media or companies who can take your product to the next level then you are listening to the right show!!!
5-10-16 With Bangle Stackerâ„¢ Chicago-Area Inventor Brings Uncommon Sense to Jewelry Organizing

Kate O'Malley's innovation goes from "Not today, Mom" to The Today Show!Like so many products, the Bangle Stacker's roots can be traced to a simple...

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5-10-16 FiAir changes the heated debate over Charcoal vs Gas grilling

The first & only TRULY PORTABLE powered blower for Wood & Charcoal fires!Nearly everyone prefers the flavor of charcoal, but the time it takes...

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4-19-16 Noah McNeely answers ALL of your product development questions

We are so excited to have Noah McNeely with Product QuickStart back on the Innovation Divaz Show to share once again his knowledge of the industry and...

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4-12-16 Prevent the next diaper blowout with Blowout Blocker

Melanie Miller is passionate about solving the messiest problems in parenthood. As each of her babies made their way through the infant "diaper...

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4-12-16 INSINK 4-1...the ultimate kitchen sink organizer

INSINK 4-1 contains the following items: Katcher, Kaddy, Kup, two suction bars and one brush. Never fill your sink to do dishes, soapy water always...

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