4-12-16 INSINK 4-1...the ultimate kitchen sink organizer

INSINK 4-1 contains the following items: Katcher,
Kaddy, Kup, two suction bars and one brush.

Never fill your sink to do dishes, soapy water always available, no more food scraps in the sink, frees up space on your cutting board, pre-wash dishes to run the short cycle & more, while saving TIME, WATER, ENERGY & MONEY! Yes a kitchen gadget can do this!


Designed to simplify food prep and washing up, and save water, time and money, this set of three multifunctional containers can be placed, removed and re-positioned in almost any part of the sink thanks to handy suction bars. The katcher fits on top of the kaddy or kup to easily funnel food or scraps from the chopping board; holes in the bottom of the kaddy enable it to be used as a colander for fruit and veg or to drain cutlery and utensils, and the kup can be topped up with soapy water so you can pre-soak cutlery or wash up as you go, without having to waste water by filling the whole sink. Set comprises katcher, kaddy and kup containers, brush and two suction bars. Nest for storage.

Keep hands safe as knives and sharp utensils always remain visible, and reduce your skins exposure to soapy water

Products are dishwasher safe, made from FDA approved materials, BPA free and 100% recyclable. Designed and made in Canada.


Tonis Tollasepp, the inventor of INSINK 4-1, has been a stay at home dad for the past 13 years. This has allowed him to have a greater appreciation for how much work it is as he does all the chores and running of the household. He loves DYI projects, playing sports and spending time with the family while inventing cool gadgets to make life easier!

Click here to visit the INSINK 4-1 website and be extremely efficient in the kitchen!

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