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In this age of relentless distractions and constant mental stimulation, understanding and maintaining our mental health is just as critical as looking after our physical health. "In Your Head with Dr. Leigh Richardson" explores the intricate ways our lifestyle choices and environments influence our brains' physiology and psychology.

In each episode, airing every Thursday at 2 p.m. CST, Dr. Richardson explores how everyday decisions impact our mental performance and overall well-being. If you want to enhance your cognitive abilities, manage stress more effectively, or improve your mental health, this podcast provides the necessary insights and tools.

Why tune in? Because Mental Health Matters.

About Your Host, Dr. Leigh Richardson:

Dr. Leigh Richardson has dedicated over 30 years to studying human behavior. Her early focus on organizational behavior shifted dramatically in 2004 after her son experienced a traumatic brain injury. This event paralleled her own experiences in the ICU due to brain injuries. These personal encounters have fueled her lifelong quest to understand the brain and its complexities.

As the founder and CEO of the Brain Performance Center and The Brain Performance Institute, Dr. Richardson uses her extensive education—an MBA, MS in Counseling, and several board certifications—to provide cutting-edge solutions for brain-related challenges. Whether dealing with anxiety, depression, insomnia, or brain injuries, her expertise in brain health offers sustainable solutions.

Dr. Richardson also serves as an educator, advising on the total impact of brain injuries and supporting initiatives like the Brain Injury Network Dallas (BIND). A regular contributor to FOX News and other media outlets, she is a recognized international speaker and the author of "Turn Your Brain On To Get Your Game On," released in January 2020.

Join Dr. Leigh Richardson weekly for "In Your Head" and embark on a journey to better brain health. Discover how making informed choices can transform your mental state and lead you to a happier, more productive life.

Click here to check out In Your Head with Dr Leigh Richardson. Relax and listen to Leigh and her amazing guests.

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