A Touch of Naturopathy: Combining Modern Medical Science with Time-Proven Healing Methods

Dr. Scott Clack, ND

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Leigh Richardson of the Brain Performance Center and host of In Your Head with Leigh Richardson speaks with Dr. Scott Clack, a naturopathic doctor, to talk about the effectiveness of naturopathic medicine and diet changes that provide effective and immediate results in as early as two weeks.

Dr. Clack graduated from Bastyr University in Seattle. He practiced in B.C. for 2 years before moving home to Ontario. He opened Touchstone Naturopathic Centre in Mississauga, Ontario in April 2000, which operated through December 2018. He currently practices at the Oakville Naturopathic Wellness Centre.

Being a naturopathic doctor is a second career for Dr. Clack. When his wife was recommended by a naturopathic doctor to follow an elimination diet to treat her migraine headaches, he followed along with the diet to support her. Her migraines decreased dramatically and his chronic sinus congestion began to clear up. The elimination diet, and the possibility of hidden, undiagnosed food sensitivities proved to be a very successful treatment. From that point, Dr. Clack decided to train to become a naturopathic doctor and graduated from Bastyr University in 1997.

Holistic medicine looks for triggers from a person’s lifestyle and environmental exposures as the triggers of disease. Then patients are prescribed natural medicines or treatments that activate the body’s innate healing mechanisms to restore health, in addition to eliminating or avoiding the triggers.

For Dr. Clack, it is important to raise awareness about how naturopathic medicine is practiced. You will be directed to change your lifestyle: that will include changing your diet and eating habits, to introduce regular exercise (if you’re not doing this already), improve your sleep habits and adopt spiritual or mindfulness practices into your regular routine. Natural medicines and treatments will be recommended and modified over time to help you safely become healthier.

Dr. Clack's tagline is: “Combining modern medical science with time-proven healing methods.”

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