Tonal Vibration Therapy: How To Heal With the Frequencies of the Cello

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Leigh Richardson of the Brain Performance Center and host of In Your Head with Leigh Richardson speaks with Elizabeth Byrd to talk about the wonderful healing frequencies of the cello through Tonal Vibration Therapy.

Lyz is a cellist, performer and teacher who offers mindful wellness, cello-centric soundscapes, meditation, and deep breathing with the cello. She has brought her classical cello not only to the traditional setting of the Concert Hall and Opera House but also into the world of theater, world music, and Tonal Vibration Therapy.

She is an active cello soloist, chamber music recitalist, and has concertized as an improv cellist. She teaches cello with classical technique to all styles of music-making including improvisation.

Lyz (BM: North Carolina School of the Arts; The Juilliard School; Certified Facilitator: has applied her skills as a classically-trained cellist in intuitive therapy work since The Healing Cello™ was first introduced in 1998 by Dr. John Upledger, the originator of CranioSacral Therapy. For several years Liz served on the clinical staff at The Upledger Institute in Florida as the Tonal Vibration Therapist for CranioSacral sessions.

Working side-by-side with Dr. Upledger, she obtained his unique perspective of CST training. Upon moving to New York City, Ms Byrd’s Tonal Vibration Therapy was offered at The Continuum for Health and Healing - Beth Israel Medical Center and the New York Physical Therapy Institute. She has presented many Healing Clinics throughout the country in conjunction with CST Workshops and has twice been an invited speaker for the Society for the Study of Subtle Energy and Energy Medicine (ISSSEEM) and Beyond the Dura Conference.

In Portland, she introduced her work at the BODY, MIND, SPIRIT 2012 Conference. She offers Healing Cello™ private sessions and integrated modality sessions with other therapists.

Learn more about Lyz and her healing cello from her websites:

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