Keys to Creating a Healthy, Regulated Brain

Joyce Buford of Second WindLeigh Richardson of the Brain Performance Center and host of In Your Head with Leigh Richardson gets interviewed in a very special episode by Joyce Buford, host of Second Wind with Joyce Buford, where Leigh talks about creating a healthy, regulated brain through neuroscience.

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As issues related to mental health continue to rise, we need tools to support a healthy brain. In the last 15 years, much of the neuroscience research has shown that we have the ability to change our brains...with the right tools.

In this simulcast show, Leigh talks about her personal history with brain injuries, both in her son who was struck by a car and in herself. She also discussed her training in neurofeedback and mapping the brain to support healing, how the stigma of mental health in the workplace is changing, the psychological impact of the pandemic, and what puts a brain in a dysregulated state.

Divorcing in midlife after 33 year of marriage, Joyce Buford discovered that fulfillment, joy and thriving in life is possible. After spending years seeking a better way, Joyce created her SecondWind Experience delivered a roadmap to a promised life that she’d only dreamed of for many years.

Joyce grew even further when experiencing grief through the pandemic years.  This thrust her into her own experience and study of grieving.  Knowing the importance of welcoming a healthy grieving process propelled her life forward to experience a greater freedom to live with joy and forgiveness.

Today Joyce Buford promotes the SecondWind Experience by being a Mentor for Vibrant Women ready for their SecondWind.

She exclusively supports that woman dreaming of a life that allows her to thrive and live a fulfilled, passionate life every day. With over 20 years as a business professional, wife, mother, and Director of a Children’s museum, Joyce now hosts the SecondWind With Joyce Podcast and is author of her book, Effortless Happiness. She was mentored by Jack Canfield of the Chicken Soup Book Series while being trained and later assisting in training programs.

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Leigh Richardson is also the author of Brain on Game On, available at Amazon and on and She also owns and operates The Brain Performance Center, a brain and mental health clinic located in Dallas, Texas that can be reached at 214-329-9017.

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