Having a Vision Beyond Sight and Visualizing It To Reality

Dr. Lynn HellersteinLeigh Richardson of the Brain Performance Center and host of In Your Head with Leigh Richardson speaks with Dr. Lynn Hellerstein, developmental optometrist, co-owner of Hellerstein & Brenner Vision Center, P.C., award-winning author and international speaker. This show is a simulcast with the podcast Vision Beyond Sight with Dr. Lynn Hellerstein where Dr. Lynn talks about the impact of having excellent vision, the power of visualization, and vision rehabilitative therapy.

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Dr. Lynn F. Hellerstein, a developmental optometrist and pioneer in vision therapy, has authored 4 books including the Award-Winning book, See It. Say It. Do It! and #1 Amazon Best-Selling book, Expand Your Vision.

For more than 40 years, Dr. Lynn has utilized vision therapy with children and adults with learning related vision problems, vision perception deficits or brain injuries, as well as enhancing visual performance for athletes. She has inspired thousands of people to improve their vision and enhance their lives.
An international speaker, Dr. Lynn has circled the globe as she has delivered her electrifying presentations and workshops for parents, educators, therapists, athletes, optometrists, and other physicians.  She has published extensively on vision related topics and is a faculty member at several optometry schools. She serves as a consultant to schools and rehabilitation facilities.

A Fellow of the College of Optometrists in Vision Development (COVD) and American Academy of Optometry, Dr. Hellerstein is Past-President of COVD.

Dr. Lynn is the founder and co-owner of Hellerstein and Brenner Vision Center, P.C., a full-scope optometry practice in the Denver, Colorado area.

In 2008, Dr. Lynn became a RIM® facilitator which allows her to “use the power of RIM® to unleash your intuitive resources to crack the deeply rooted and traumatic events/limited beliefs/self-sabotaging feelings impacting your current happiness and success.” (RIMInstitute.com).
In 2019, she expanded her personal “purpose” and became Chair of the Board for the Sock It to ‘Em Campaign.  The purpose of this non-profit organization is to provide socks for those experiencing homelessness.  Socks are the #1 clothing need and we are close to distributing our 1,000,000th pair of socks.

Based in Colorado, you may find Dr. Lynn hiking on the mountain trails, collaborating with fellow musicians on the flute, and rejoicing with her family.

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Dr. Lynn’s books are available at Amazon.com and www.lynnhellerstein.com/shop.

Dr. Lynn is available for speaking engagements and consulting. For more information, visit https://www.lynnhellerstein.com/

To learn more about vision therapy or to find a doctor providing vision therapy in your area, visit: COVD.org.

To learn more about vision and the impact in concussion/brain injury, visit: Neuro-Optometrtic Rehabilitation Association.

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Leigh Richardson is the author of Brain on Game On, available at Amazon and on  www.thebrainperformancecenter.com and www.leigherichardson.com. She also owns and operates The Brain Performance Center, a brain and mental health clinic located in Dallas, Texas that can be reached at 214-329-9017.

This show is also on Apple Podcasts, iTunes, Google Play, Spotify, iHeart Radio, Audible and Stitcher.

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