Tech4Good! Apps That Let The Youth Be Their True Selves for Inclusive Well-Being with Dr. Natanya Wachtel

Dr. Natanya WachtelLeigh Richardson of the Brain Performance Center and host of In Your Head with Leigh Richardson speaks with Dr. Natanya Wachtel, founder of New Solutions Network, COO of evrmore, board member of Women Who Create, Forbes council, speaker, marketer, innovation leader, advocate, strategist, and consultant. She talks about youth mental health and how evrmore and Tech4good utilizes apps and technology to support the youth to become their true self, promote inclusive well-being and even offer patient solutions and benefits.

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Dr. Natanya Wachtel’s two-decade career as a pioneer in bringing innovative, tech-powered wellness solutions for chronic disease management at pharmaceutical companies, included launching some of the first, award-winning personalized CRM programs and earliest inclusions of behavioral psychology into pharmaceutical marketing. She is a featured speaker and mentor within her industry, and has been featured in the press including Forbes, Advertising Age and MM&M magazine.

In 2008, Dr. Wachtel founded New Solutions Factory, a specialized consulting consortium of behavioral science marketing and healthcare analytics experts. In this position, she creatively partners with health and wellness brands to help them understand, manage and solve modern business challenges with a blend of customer-centric psychology, actionable behavioral models and technical innovation.

Since its formation, The New Solutions Network has expanded to include HealthEd Princeton, a health education strategy and health gaming experience design firm and Insights by Demand, a customer-centric research and real-world-data analytics consultancy.

A big part of Dr. Wachtel’s focus is giving back to others. She currently sits on the board of Women Who Create, NYC non-profit mentor and scholarship organization for women of color. Dr. Wachtel also volunteers to support K-12 STEAM curriculum for underserved youth for CreateIt labs, a non-profit maker space and full-scale product development facility.

She has donated 11 university scholarships to date, to young people across many disciplines and hopes to be able to continue to support others in the future by giving back and getting corporations to also help support in those charitable efforts via Women Who Create.

Since 2021, Dr. Wachtel has served as the chief community officer with evrmore, an EmpathyAI™-powered mindtech start-up company that utilizes the science of empathy, humanistic psychology, and artificial intelligence to provide an inclusive betterment platform for young people to develop transferable core skills and social mobility.

Natanya Wachtel, PhD, has been included in several Marquis Who’s Who awards, including a humanitarian award in 2022. She was inspired early on by her mother, who was an immigrant turned global corporate executive and always made time to do good and give back to her community. Living and traveling around the globe while growing up, Ms. Wachtel saw firsthand the impact that wealth and healthcare disparities had on people and became determined to do something that would make a difference. She has her doctorate in behavioral psychology, and several certifications as a health and wellness coach.

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