Liberate Yourself from the Illusion of Fear with Rebecca A. Ward

Rebecca A. WardLeigh Richardson of the Brain Performance Center and host of In Your Head with Leigh Richardson speaks with Rebecca A. Ward, ICF Professional Certified Coach, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist, author and speaker. She talks about her book, The Paper Tiger Syndrome: How to Liberate Yourself from the Illusion of Fear, and how we can reclaim the Original Blueprint of our soul.

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About Rebecca A. Ward:

My mission in life is an ambitious one: to heal the world from suffering. Getting us all there begins with the body—humanity’s greatest blind spot. I am a licensed therapist who specializes in trauma (shock and developmental), working primarily with the nervous system to teach people the self-regulation skills they need to overcome the many faces and forms of fear.

I also believe in the strong connection between science and spirituality. From a young age, I was profoundly connected to my Infinite Source. I knew there was something more to life than what we can simply see. That connection to my Source has served me well: I have moved through my own medical and childhood traumas many times and come out the other side with more resilience and capacity to meet life’s challenges. I believe that it is through divine order to have a nervous system that offers two paths: one that sees tigers (danger) everywhere and the other that sees paper tigers (false threats). Making the distinction between real tigers and paper tigers is what liberates us from fear allows us to walk the bridge from fear to safety to love. We each have everything we need inside to not only change ourselves, but change the world.

My home base is the SF Bay Area where I also grew up with my older sister and single mother. I studied journalism, history, business, and psychology. I am a secular mystic, which means that I have a one-to-one, sacred relationship with my Infinite Source. I am in daily conversation with my Source and that relationship is central to my day-to-day life. I believe that my trauma has shaped who I have become, and I embrace those experiences for that very reason. I wouldn’t change anything about my life—I am complete and content in who I am and how I live. Today, I run my own business—the Iris Institute—and support my clients (therapy and executive coaching) using all the tools I have outlined in my book, The Paper Tiger Syndrome.

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