Find Yourself in Happiness U with Alice Inoue (Episode #161)

Alice InoueLeigh Richardson of the Brain Performance Center and host of In Your Head with Leigh Richardson speaks with Alice Inoue, nationally award-winning author, life expert, and Hawaii's thought leader and celebrated expert in aiding organizations and individuals to find daily clarity for the past 20 years. Alice talks about finding yourself and life's answers through Happiness U, a positive and inspiring establishment and online space dedicated to providing solutions to challenges and everyday problems for you and your company. She also touches on how to clear different kinds of clutter, and ways to let go of overwhelm, stress and worry, including face yoga!

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Nationally award-winning author and life expert Alice Inoue has dedicated her life to helping others find answers to life’s challenges. As Hawaii’s thought leader and celebrated expert, she has aided hundreds of organizations and thousands of individuals in finding daily clarity over the past 20+ years.Her unique brand of life wisdom is featured in her eight books on self-growth and happiness, as well as in her long-running column in Midweek, Hawaii’s largest publication. Combining her vast set of skills and talents with her entrepreneurial drive, Alice opened Happiness U, a business with a purpose to serve organizations and individuals.

Alice's Life Purpose:

I, Alice Inoue, declare that my primary purpose in life is to expertly guide others through their journey of life.

As such, I choose to create a culture of influence unique to my purpose and essence by writing, speaking, creating and sharing my unique brand of guidance. I do this through articles, books, consultations, classes, presentations and videos, as well as through various forms of social and digital media.

By fully embracing my heartfelt mission, I add immense value to all who cross my path. My intent for every interaction is to be incomparable to anything or anyone that exists in this world or beyond. I welcome new opportunities to offer my services, and continue to build businesses that are authentic to my purpose. My endless entrepreneurial spirit leads me to pursue grounded yet innovative revenue-generating paths.

In this lifetime as Alice Inoue, my ultimate goal is to make an indelible mark on this planet through all I do. Each and every day I am inspired to share without compromise the greatest wisdom, most heartfelt love and most powerful principles of life.

Connect with Alice Inoue and Happiness U:


Websites: Your Happiness U | Alice Inoue | Master Your Superpowers

Facebook: Your Happiness U | Alice Inoue

Instagram: Your Happiness U | Alice Inoue

Check out Alice's 8 books on self-growth and happiness here!

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