Episode 184: Using the Core 4 Process to Replace Our Expired Mindsets with Dr. Charryse Johnson and Leigh Richardson

Dr. Charryse JohnsonLeigh Richardson of the Brain Performance Center and host of In Your Head with Leigh Richardson speaks with Dr. Charryse Johnson, expert mental health consultant, author and owner of Jade Integrative Counseling, to talk about her new book Expired Mindsets, and how to allow knowledge of the past become inspiration for the future by moving forward in a more intentional and healthy manner, through her framework the Core 4 Process.

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About Dr. Charryse Johnson:

Dr. Charysse Johnson’s early years were full of change and uncertainty as she attended a dif-ferent school every year until she joined high school. Stability came to her when she started college and went on to hold a B.A. in both Vocal Music and Human Develop-ment and Family Studies, an M.A. in Professional Counselling, and a Ph.D. in Coun-seling Psychology, with a focus on crisis and trauma. During this time, Dr. John-son found mentors in her teachers who gave her opportunities where she could work towards impacting the lives of others. This proved to be a turning point in her life and fueled her passion for helping others. She encountered individuals who lived far beneath their potential and blamed everything other than themselves and their effort for their situation.

As a psychotherapist, she stresses both intention and personal responsibility for growth. As a clinician, she has worked with individuals, couples, and families and guided them in navigating challenging life transitions and past traumas. Her special-ization is in the area of marriage and family, eating disorders, trauma, and attach-ment, and providing support to those seeking identity development. She has special-ized training in trauma through the International Association of Trauma Profession-als (IATP) and is an integrative practitioner highly skilled and trained in Embodied Recovery and Brainspotting. Further, she has also been extensively trained in the Unified Treatment Protocol, which uses evidence-based approaches and transdiag-nostic modalities in the treatment of disordered eating, besides being a Pre-pare/Enrich Marriage facilitator for over ten years.

Dr. Johnson is a former educator and has always had a deep love for educating and supporting students. This passion developed during college where she also met and married her college sweetheart. She and her husband Randy, currently live in Char-lotte, North Carolina and will celebrate their twenty-fifth wedding anniversary this July. They are also the proud parents of two children, Cierra (age 23) and "RJ" (age 21).

Proudly raised by a single parent and having overcome numerous obstacles and set-backs, Dr.Johnson is driven and determined to spread hope and encouragement. In her own life, she has overcome poverty, abuse, and emotional trauma recognizing firsthand that we are each more than the sum of our circumstances.

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Leigh Richardson is also the author of Brain on Game On, available at Amazon and on  www.thebrainperformancecenter.com and www.leigherichardson.com. The Brain Performance Center is located in Dallas, Texas and can be reached at 214-329-9017.

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