Episode 207: Make that HeartFELT Connection with Handwritten Cards for the Modern World with Tomer Alpert and Leigh Richardson

Tomer AlpertLeigh Richardson of the Brain Performance Center and host of In Your Head Podcast speaks with Tomer Alpert, founder of Felt, LLC, as he talks about making heartfelt connections with handwritten cards mailed to your friends and loved ones through the Felt app. Tomer talked about how social media and the modern digital world made connecting with each other less special and how we can remedy it through the unique and personal gesture of sending cards and gifts direct to people's homes.

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About Tomer Alpert:

Tomer Alpert is passionately trying to reconnect with friends. He’s advocating for taking time to make each other feel wonderful and worthy of time, attention and connection. He’s taking on the big digital lie that all connections can start and end in 1’s and 0’s. That the future is lens’d-out. That our relationships can live within likes and hearts.  He believes social media is great at being entertaining and really bad at making us feel deeply connected and important to each other.

His path to startup without a college degree: How he followed his dreams and in ten years: met the person of his dreams, moved to a mountain town, built a company, went on shark tank, started a family, got divorced, moved back to Dallas TX, and found that it all helped me accomplished his greatest goal: to be himself.

FELT - A social app for your real friends in the real world.

Tomer is pioneering how to use social technology to make us feel more connected, valued and special; He’s brought his talent for authentically relating and his love of innovation to create Felt —With Felt you can send each other cards in the mail without needing to know an address. You can create super personal cards using your photos and a personal message and then Felt will print, seal, stamp and mail it within 24hrs! Best of all, your friend can touch, hold and keep the card forever. They’ll feel more loved, cherished and special. And so will you, as soon as they send you a card back. Felt is bringing the heart and soul to social. And making our connections real again.

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