Episode 218: Psychedelic Wellness and Fungi Therapy - Wake Up to Truth and Peace of Mind with Nick Murray and Leigh E. Richardson

Nick MurrayLeigh E. Richardson of the Brain Performance Center and host of In Your Head Podcast speaks with Nick Murray, tech entrepreneur, full-time biohacker, and co-founder/CEO of Wake Network, to talk about everything you don't know and should about psychedelic wellness and fungi therapy. Nick invites you to be informed and gain peace of mind about these so-called magic mushrooms, the products of his company Wake, and their non-addictive and scientific benefits to traumatic brain injury, mental health and trauma-processing, and even hormone imbalance, as proven effective by veterans and athletes today. He also shared insights on the limits of medication and SSRIs, current obstacles to psilocybin use, and the optimistic future of medicinal psychedelics.

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About Nick Murray:

Nick Murray is a tech entrepreneur, full-time biohacker, and co-founder/CEO of WAKE. His passion for health was first ignited when his former partner was diagnosed with cancer, and he’s been immersed in Eastern medicine and a holistic approach to healing ever since.

Nick is committed to bringing well-researched fungi medicine to the forefront of the health and science community.

He personally splits his time between Jamaica and North America, applying his experience in technology and research to the goal of revolutionizing how the world sees fungi medicine.

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