Episode 219: Channeling Your Personal Resilience to Powerful Servant Leadership with Bill Keller and Leigh E. Richardson

Bill KellerLeigh E. Richardson of the Brain Performance Center and host of In Your Head Podcast speaks with Bill Keller, owner of Staffing Global, to talk about how he channeled his personal resilience, learning mindset and emotional intelligence towards powerful servant leadership and agility for his team, especially during times of crisis. Learn about the story of the Chinese farmer, the leadership style of explorer Ernest Shackleton, the pendulum technique in sales, and more in this informative and engaging talk.

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About Bill Keller:

Bill Keller's entrepreneurial journey evolved from leading manufacturing businesses to founding Staffing Global, a pioneer in remote staffing.  At Staffing Global he adeptly combines his manufacturing background with innovative remote team strategies, emphasizing employee development and empowerment.  While a PA native he currently lives in Colombia South America with his wife and 2 children. In his free time he enjoys reading, traveling and biohacking.  

Bill has a two-fold mission: 1) provide people with opportunities, and 2) help them to grow both personally and professionally.

Connect with Bell Keller and Staffing Global:

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