Episode 220: Dig Life Deep and Empower Yourself To Face The Realities of Today with John Aidan Byrne and Leigh E. Richardson

John Aidan ByrneLeigh E. Richardson of the Brain Performance Center and host of In Your Head Podcast speaks with John Aidan Byrne, award-winning journalist, editor, filmmaker, and podcast host, to talk about the realities and challenges faced by the Western world today including extreme division in society, the pitfalls of social media, and alcoholism and addictions especially in the creative industry. John also talked about how we should self-reflect and empower ourselves against different crises, and his experiences in his career with popular personalities like Carroll O'Connor and Norman Rockwell.

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About John Aidan Byrne:

John Aidan Byrne is an award-winning journalist, editor, filmmaker with two projects currently in development; host of ODEON CAPITAL CONVERSATIONS, the #1 Podcast on Capital Markets with MAT VAN ALSTYNE and host of the top ranked DIG LIFE DEEP! Podcast featuring Ira Wolfe’s Future Shock 2.0 segment; Starting a third podcast to be named, for a business college; Consulting Producer, The King:The Final Hours, a Broadway jukebox musical by Emmy Award winner, Mark Macias, a play loved by critics on the last hours on earth of Elvis Presley. Contributor and writer for a variety of national publications.  

John is a highly inventive writer/editor who has conceived and structured award-winning publications ventures that earned recognition from the publishing community while significantly improving revenues and circulation. A versatile reporter with strong expertise and relationships in the financial and technology markets that have resulted in significant growth for a leading trade magazine and other B2B publications. Contributing writer/reporter for numerous distinguished publications. Stories and major features published by New York Post, Time Warner, Wall Street Journal, National Catholic Register, REP. magazine, Alpha magazine (Institutional Investor), Journal of Trading, Gannett and other notable publications. Editor on book series for annual Baruch College trading conference (Spring Science+Business Media); contributor to The Handbook of Electronic Trading (Capital Markets Media). Benson & Hedges Award for Outstanding Work in Provincial Journalism. Independent publisher. Novel, short stories and screenplay in preparation.

Specialties: Equity market structure; trading and technology; business writing and financial analysis. Special interest in social, economic, political and religious trends.

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