Episode 223: Be Someone Else - How to Step Out of Yourself and Make Better Decisions as a Leader with Captain David Marquet and Dr. Leigh Richardson

Captain David MarquetDr. Leigh Richardson of the Brain Performance Center and host of In Your Head Podcast speaks with Captain David Marquet, former submarine commander and author, to talk about how to make better decisions as a leader by stepping out of yourself and learning to be someone else, be somewhere else and be sometime else. He also discussed with Dr. Leigh about the importance of complementing an objective, outsider's perspective with our internal intuition without the influences of confirmation, recency and optimism biases.

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About Captain David Marquet:

Captain David Marquet imagines a world where everyone engages and contributes their full intellectual capacity, a place where people are healthier and happier because they have more control over their work–a place where everyone is a leader.

David is the bestselling author of Turn the Ship Around!, the Turn the Ship Around Workbook, and the #1 new release Leadership is Language. Fortune magazine called Turn the Ship Around! the “best how-to manual anywhere for managers on delegating, training, and driving flawless execution.”

Connect with Captain David Marquet:

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