Episode 227: The 10 Harmonies for Mental Fitness with Justin Noppe and Dr. Leigh Richardson

Justin NoppeDr. Leigh Richardson of the Brain Performance Center and host of In Your Head Radio speaks with Justin Noppe, mental fitness coach, to talk about The 10 Harmonies (a mental fitness framework), how every physical fitness aspect has a mental fitness equivalent, the importance of emotions in performance and productivity, and the role of challenges in our feelings of fulfillment.

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About Justin Noppe:

Justin Noppe is a leadership coach and keynote speaker who helps executive leaders develop mental fitness too.

He helps leaders to become stronger and more capable by exercising and habitualizing specific mental and emotional muscles. Making sure his clients have all the strategies and training to truly harmonize with their job demands.

From training communication, to the emotional processing that leads to more fulfillment, Justin has been obsessed with what actually moves the needle on performance and how to help people get the results they are striving for.

This has led to Justin developing an integrated model of mental fitness, what influences it, and how to adjust its settings. The mind and emotions are a set of muscles and learning to isolate a muscle, learning to integrate it with quality focussed practice and learning to progressively overload it, all leads to a stronger, healthier, more balanced leader capable of inspiring change in people and shifting the world.

Connect with Justin Noppe:

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