Episode 229: How to Successfully Navigate The Intersection of Digital Transformation and Cybersecurity with Alex Sharpe and Dr. Leigh Richardson

Alex SharpeDr. Leigh Richardson of the Brain Performance Center and host of In Your Head Radio speaks with Alex Sharpe who provides unique expertise in Cybersecurity, Governance, and Digital Transformation. He manages the delicate balance between the business realities, operational effectiveness, and the threat that cyber security holds in today’s business environment. Join us today to learn how Alex’s expertise has influenced national policy and led clients through rough situations as he navigated the intersection between Digital Transformation and Cybersecurity.

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About Alex Sharpe:

Alex Sharpe is a long-time (+30 years) Cybersecurity, Governance, and Digital Transformation expert with real-world operational experience. Mr. Sharpe has run business units and has influenced national policy. He has spent much of his career helping corporations and government agencies create value while mitigating cyber risk. This gives him a pragmatic understanding of the delicate balance between Business realities, Cybersecurity, and Operational Effectiveness. He began his career at NSA, moving into the Management Consulting ranks building practices at two large firms. He subsequently co-founded two firms with successful exits. He has participated in almost 30 M&A transactions. He has delivered to clients in over 25 countries on 6 continents.

Connect with Alex Sharpe and Sharpe42:

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