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You're a big thinker with plenty of vision, heart, and passion.
You've got a big idea, a business you want to build, and/or a dream you're ready to achieve.
So how do you bring that vision into reality?
How do you unlock the step by step plan to the Big Picture of YOU - your life, your business, and your success?

Enter Michelle McCullough. Successful serial entrepreneur, acclaimed speaker, and The Woohoo Radio Network's resident Business and Success Strategist. Michelle has used her marketing know-how to help countless business owners achieve their goals by implementing proven, strategic methods, and she has the smarts, strategies, and experience to help you improve your life and take your business to the next level.

Whether you're struggling to balance your business and personal life, wondering how to get more customers through the door, looking for ways to work smarter, or are overwhelmed by the everyday stresses of being a business owner, Michelle can help.

Stop wishing for success. Stop hoping for happiness.

Start your week off right and tune in Mondays for Make It Happen With Michelle McCullough on The Woohoo Radio Network from 5-6pm Central.

When many 12-year-olds were asking for Sony Walkmans and Girbaud jeans, Michelle McCullough was begging her mom for a Franklin Day Planner. She was elated on Christmas morning to open a box of success goodness and spent that holiday break writing a mission statement, prioritizing to-do lists, and getting organized. Today, twenty years later, Michelle is a success expert. She helps entrepreneurs and professionals master productivity, time management, leadership, and effective goal achievement.

Michelle took advantage of her early success and business education and started her first business, Doodads Promotional Products, when she was nineteen. Doodads has run "in the black" every year since its inception. Michelle has also created, grown and/or sold four additional businesses in the last fourteen years. During that time, Michelle also worked for two advertising agencies, a television station a newspaper and multiple start ups. Her successful experiences created a demand for her business consulting skills, and she has spent the last five years coaching and consulting with entrepreneurs and small business owners across the country.

Michelle is a sought- after speaker and trainer, teaching business and success principles to corporations and associations. Whether it's a group of high powered entrepreneurs or a room full of high-energy youth, Michelle captivates, motivates and inspires.

Michelle's been seen on HP's Small Business website, on, and in Utah Business Magazine. She's been interviewed on Health Wealth & Everything Else Radio, and she was recently named one of the "40 under 40" in the Utah Valley Business Q. Additionally, Michelle is the managing director of Startup Princess, an international organization for women entrepreneurs.

Michelle now brings her knowledge and experience to the airwaves. "Make it Happen with Michelle McCullough" is a radio show designed to bring you success principles where work and life intersect. From life balance to goal achievement and from marketing to staffing, Michelle's expertise now comes - live and on the air - from her brain to yours.


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