Carolyn Carter Inventor of Clingy Cord


I am a SAHM to three beautiful kids.  I quit my full-time job as a Pharmaceutical Sales Rep in 2004, right after I had my daughter, Caitlin Mackenzie (aka CaitiMac), to pursue my full-time job as a SAHM.   In August  2007 I gave birth to my handsome little man, Chase, and in February of 2009 had another adorable baby girl, Camryn.  I love spending every second with my kids, and I feel so blessed that I can stay at home with them.  
My oldest daughter, Caitlin has a bunny blanket that she's been attached to since she was about six months old, and at almost six years old now she still takes it everywhere.  It is her most prized possession, and she would be lost without it. Well, on our many outings to the mall, park, grocery store etc., she would sometimes drop it or throw it (along with her bottle and eventually her sippy cup), as most kids do, just to see me run after it as fast as I could to pick it up and get all the filthy germs off of it -  of course, that little game got old really fast.  So, my husband and I decided to find a product that would keep it attached to the stroller, high chair and shopping cart, but that product didn't seem to exist.  We did find ones that held sippy cups but it would only fit certain sizes, and they just didn't really work with her security blanket, and they didn't exactly hold her sippy cups real well. Since we could find what we were looking for, we created it!  (Necessity IS the mother of Invention!)
Our one-of-a-kind Clingy Cord will hold everything from sippy cups (all sizes), bottles (every kind), blankets, stuffed animals, dolls, action figures or any other "go-everywhere" items you can think of.  With our patented sliding-knot design, it is the most unique baby item out there and is a MUST-HAVE for any parent who is tired of picking up their child's belongings from the dirty floor or who has ever had to replace these items because they were unknowingly thrown from the stroller and lost.


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