Come Join Us For A Discussion About Social Media with Payson Cooper Marketing & Business Strategist
Payson Cooper is a marketing and business strategist, specializing in social media and online marketing. Through 10+ years as a business and systems analyst and computer consultant, Payson discovered a passion and talent for identifying the fastest and most effective ways to help communicate a message from one part of a business transaction to another. This has translated into a distinctive ability to easy and quickly identify key strategies for entrepreneurs and small businesses to communicate with their ideal client. Then, through learning social media and online marketing for her own online jewelry businesses, Payson honed the skills required to create buzz, drive traffic and make sales using online techniques.

Payson has developed a specific expertise in using Twitter to build business. During this show Payson will dig into the juicy details of how using social media, and specifically Twitter, the right way can help you connect to prospects, build relationships and make money, just like it did for her. (Payson used Twitter to create more than a 1231% increase in sales!) She'll be giving you detailed tips and pointers on exactly how to get the most out of the time you spend on Twitter, and she will provide a special gift that will help you continue to learn and create the online success you and your business want and need. 

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