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In 2008, Ally founded the widely popular, an online search directory that lists the products and services of self-employed parents in more than 80 cities across the nation.  From there, she became the host of This Little Parent Stayed Home,  a live weekly internet radio show breaking new ground for parents across the country looking to find an alternative to a career in Corporate America. Through her own passion to create a society where parents are given an alternative to expensive daycares and long hours away from home, Ally has helped to inspire a movement that has parents everywhere realizing their power as consumers, and uniting together to rebuild a broken economy with home based businesses. Ally Loprete has been featured in national Magazines such as Working Mother Magazine, in trades such as the Los Angeles Daily News and ABC TV's Eye Witness News, and in a great deal of internet media including Inc MagazineThe Business Opportunities Weblog, Divine Caroline, Motherhood Incorporated, WorkItmom, Work at Home Success, and The Mommy Reporter, to name just a few.

Originally occupying a career in the Entertaining Industry,  and with a background and education in the Performing Arts, Ally's career and public personality first began to take shape by her success with her various roles in hundreds of theatrical productions, television and film. She spent years entertaining her public across the country by singing, story telling, and acting.  An advocate of Outreach for today's youth, Ally led Improvisation Workshops to troubled teenagers residing at the Los Angeles Youth Network, The Santa Clarita Community Center and Shooting Stars Center. She had a successful extended run of her Solo written and performed show "Chasing Ally", At Circle X's Theatre in Hollywood, and is now a known motivational speaker to many women's groups across the country.

Ally's determination to help other parents transition from full time working parent to successful self-employed parent has grown from her own experiences. Prior to becoming a self-employed parent, Ally spent several years in various creative roles at ABC Television on the Disney lot, and although her time there was rewarding and plentiful,  it wasn't until her first son was born that she came to realize her true calling in life. Returning to work with knots in her stomach from dropping her newborn off at a poorly run home daycare, she became determined to find a way to better her family's situation.  Ally's determination was fueled by her love of her children and her passion for helping others, and it ultimately led to her success as a self-made, stay-at-home mom and entrepreneur. 

She is determined to help other's deal with the sometimes overwhelming prospect of starting a new business while still running a household, and is resolute about creating a haven in which parents across the nation will continue to thrive and will get the support they need in their personal journeys.

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