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Allison LaMarr works with women to help them get more out of life from their business.  She graduated from Texas A&M University with a degree in Marketing, and after a few years in corporate America, she realized that her chosen path wasn't going to produce the life she'd always dreamed of.  Tired of settling for mediocrity, she began to realize that if she could overcome the peer pressure of conformity, she could actually take control of her situation and shape her own destiny.


Introduced to a well-known direct sales company, Allison saw the opportunity to break out of the rat race.  Three years later, she became the fastest person in company history to reach their top independent position, breaking multiple records along the way.  She also earned five cars, 10+ carats in diamonds, six all-expense-paid luxury international vacations and well over a million dollars for her family before retiring (at the "ripe old age" of 31) to focus on her new mission of empowering entrepreneurs in all types of business.  She now works on a coaching and consulting basis with corporations, governments, small business owners, and work-from-home entrepreneurs.


She believes "living your dream life is possible for everyone, but you must refuse to settle for anything less." Allison's passion is to empower individuals to work smarter to achieve their dream life.  She is honored to have shared this message with thousands of people in almost every U.S. state and Canada.  Allison lives in Austin, Texas with her husband, James, an independent film producer, and their son, JD.


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