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I am 53, live in NJ and was diagnosed with breast cancer in 10/08 after finding a lump on a self exam.   It was a rollercoaster of emotions and I did not know which way was up.  The next couple months tested my strength and patience.  By the time I reached radiation in 1/09, I was the angries cancer patient you NEVER want to meet.  But with the help God, family and friends ( and my pets!)and God…I was able to turn this negative into a positive….AND help other cancer patients along the way.


Hug Wraps are a hospital gown alternative for cancer patients.  They are a kimono style wrap, opens in the front and ties with a belt.  Why did I design them?  Because during radiation treatments in 1/09, I HATED having to wear the hospital gown for daily treatments so I decided to make my own wrap to wear.  A friend had to teach me to sew first!  I bought bright and colorful flannel fabric and a used sewing machine and went to work.  First time I wore my Hug Wrap to the hospital, heads turned, eyebrows went up and jaws hit the floor.  I never expected anyone to even notice what I was wearing.  I started making one for another patient I knew in treatment….and it started from there.  To date I have made over 450 Hug Wraps for patients in the US and also as far away as Canada, England and Poland. 


Challenges: There are so many cancer patients who could use a Hug Wrap to help them thru their difficult treatments.   I have simply run out of money since I have given away so many for free.  I turned Hug Wraps into a 501c(3) non-profit corp.  It is my goal to seek large companies/corporations that will sponsor what I do for cancer patients everywhere. 


Accomplishments:  the best thing is when I receive emails or a thank you note from a patient….  They go on to tell me “thank you for giving me back some dignity.  They gain some inspiration, strength and hope as many hear my full story.  TO hear them tell me that when they put on a Hug Wrap to gp to treatments….they can’t help but put on a smile!  That says it all.


Favorite sayings:

“You need to wear something louder than cancer”

Wearing a Hug Wrap says “I matter”

Be the answer to someone else’s prayers


Additional info:

The best thing about making Hug Wraps for other patients, was that it helped to release my anger.  It became the best form of therapy for me.  During many restless days and sleepless nights, I would go to the kitchen, turn on the light and the radio and start sewing.  The more I sewed, the better I felt.  It gave my hands and my mind something to do.  Making Hug Wraps took the focus off the fact that I was a cancer patient.  I now had a mission to help others. 



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