Chris J. Snook - Author, Entrepreneur & Venture Catalyst

Chris J. Snook

International Best-Selling Author, Award-winning Entrepreneur and

Self Described Venture Catalyst

Chris J. Snook is living proof that the American Dream is alive and well. As an international best-selling author, award-winning entrepreneur and self-described venture catalyst, he ensures that businesses and their owners innovate, grow and thrive.

Inspired after reading Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill and listening to Power Talk by Anthony Robbins, Chris started his first business in 1999. Shortly thereafter in 2002, he built and lost his first company. Shell shocked and stranded in the Dallas airport with $500,000 in debt, Chris found a new level of determination and commitment. Through multiple engagements and enterprises, he was debt free in 24 months.

In 2005, Chris launched the Lifestyle Enhancement Company, (“TLEC”) ( In August 2007, Chris co-authored the personal development smash it Wealth Matters… Abundance is your birthright.  Sold in more than 13 countries, the book made a positive impact on thousands of lives. Despite this new level of success and personal accomplishment, Chris experienced a life-altering setback when one of his major business investments fell victim to a cancerous partnership and the failing economy in early 2008. This devastating combination cost Chris nearly $2M in personal and business assets.

Again, Chris responded with tenacity, and applied the lessons from Wealth Matters… Abundance is your birthright. By the end of 2009 (in spite of the economic chaos of 2008) TLEC, had built and acquired a portfolio of early stage modern media enterprises that grew the holding company profits by more than 22% from the prior year and increased the value of the portfolio moving forward to 8 figures by the first quarter 2010. Currently, TLEC Ventures owns equity stakes in The No Limit Publishing Group, Parallel 6, Vivify Media and Action Potentials.

Chris’s latest project Wealth Matters Makeover Edition is a call to action. Partnering with his Co-Author Muzafer Najfi, a prolific and dynamic leader, this second edition offers readers every tool needed from mindset to executable tactics to create a massive increase in residual cash flow in the new economic landscape. A must-read, Wealth Matters Makeover Edition promises to help rebuild and restore your life, victorious!

Chris holds an MSBA in Entrepreneurship from San Diego State. He currently resides in San Diego.

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