Mike Moore Owner of Making Customers Inc.

Mike Moore's education started at home with parents who were educators and an athletic coach. They raised Mike to be a teacher and coach but Mike chose to take this education and training into business. Mike began in the retail fashion industry, then quickly moved to the floor covering industry, home furnishings, interior design and new home sales. He began speaking and training about business leadership, sales, the customer engagement and loyalty full time in 1992. He was a pioneer in the use of the internet and technology in the consumer experience when he began researching and speaking about it's effects as early as 1993. Today he is a leading social network influencer and has been called a thought leader, futurist and breath of fresh air but is best known as a dynamic speaker and performance coach. His specialty is intentions training that transforms business leadership and the sales engagement to heal the dysfunctional buyer and seller relationship that exists today to help businesses create a successful 'new economy'.

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