Trish Cooper, CEO, Founder Zatswho,LLC

Trish Cooper, CEO, Founder Zatswho,LLC Married 35 years with two adult children she is a former CFO. She has been featured in The Wall Street Journal, Fox, NJN News, The Star Ledger, 710WOR talk radio, and numerous others.

Having lost her job in 2009 at mid-life, it was proving difficult and destroying self esteem trying to re-ignite energy and enthusiasm in the midst of an economic meltdown. While spending time with her new grandbaby teaching her who's who in the family circle with the use of her photo's that her grandchild was destroying, that inspiration struck and re-invention ensued helping her find her true path. With no experience or contacts in the industry, just a passion to help improve the lives of children and keep family bonds strong as a child learns, she invented the patent-pending Zatswho® Soft Photo Recognition Flashcard game. A unique personalized hands-on sensory educational/developmental game.

Becoming a mom- preneur along with her daughter the mission of Zatswho, LLC is to create simple educational/developmental products that help children of all abilities increase learning skills, expand creativity encouraging family interaction as they encourage their children to maximize their potential while building a business that gives back in the process.

She has ranked among the top 2011 Leading Mom Owned Business in America. Zatswho®, a family centered children’s educational/ developmental game is being honored winning prestigious industry awards: 2011 Dr Toy Best Children’s Vacation Product Award. With a team of over 100 real-mom-judges Zatswho® received two 2011 Creative Child Magazine's Toy Awards and has received an AblePlay™ seal of endorsement helping families know Zatswho is great for children with special needs. Trish speaks to groups sharing her story and tips helping to inspire others who look to make life changes moving toward their goals despite uncertain times proving it’s possible when they can see an ordinary women at mid-life doing it.

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