Marquesa Pettway DTM, Entrepreneur, Speaker, Radio Host, Business Coach and Business Owner

Marquesa Pettway DTM, a Professional Speaker, Reinvention Expert, SpeakerTalk Radio Host and Business Coach, teaches professionals in transition how to Reinvent themselves and move to that next level. A Life without GROWTH is limited. At some point in every person's life reinvention is inevitable, Marquesa provides the "how" in her Reinvention Roadmap™ and her business boosting programs. As the founder of the Reinvention Group ( Marquesa teaches individuals via corporations and conferences how to handle transition and recreate themselves professionally. Along with her team, Marquesa coaches via teleseminars, speaks at events and oversees membership communities. An in demand clientele for Marquesa are entrepreneurs that want to reinvent themselves. Marquesa teaches and coaches Entrepreneurs "how to" create a profitable business. Marquesa, an award winning speaker, has spoken in every state in the US and a few countries, she’s even been quoted as a guru by The Daily News in New York. To learn more about Marquesa's programs, please visit

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