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Just like a personal trainer who teaches you different techniques to get in shape.

I teach you ways to simplify & streamline your everyday projects. We ALL have them!

Closet Detox It's time to purge and streamline

It never fails, that when you are in a hurry, that belt, scarf, other shoe, or shirt that you are looking for has become friends with “that missing sock” & you can’t find it. But the next day it has made it’s way back to the closet. How did that happen? And let’s not forget about the handbag and shoes that are toppled on the bottom of your closet.


You get the mail. You know what junk mail needs to be tossed out. That's the easy part. But what to do with all those " I need to follow up with that" paper. Then, when you need it, you have to sift through everything to find it. Sifting is for flour, not your papers.

Kids activities It's hard to keep up with all that is going with kids.

Today, they are so involved in so many activities & their schedule is beginning to be as packed as yours. Overwhlemed with keeping up with their forms, report cards, school papers, doctor appts., sport schedules, birthday parties, buying gifts for birthday parties they attend, and other papers/projects that are mixed with all of your stuff?

Home Office: STREAMLINE YOUR PAPERWORK & SAVE TIME! Get rid of those piles of paper and breathe a sigh of relief! Turn your "to do" paper piles into organized files (with labels!).

Bedrooms: This room should be your santuary. Is it?Clear out papers, books, & clutter on nightstands, dressers, & armoires.

Playrooms/Toys Are your children's toys everywhere? Do you have tons of little pieces of toys that are left on the floor. Or do your kids never put anything away. I have created fabulous solutions for children's things, and they will enjoy putting their stuff away. Yup, it's true!

peace, balance, and love

Staci Krell
Personal Organizer/Lifestyle Expert

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