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Hector Hernandez's career has expanded for over 31 years of corporate experience with IBM as a Global Enablement & Technology Executive. Today he is a Career & Life changing Champion, and has inspired hundreds of  people with his inspirational career and life changing talks based on his personal commitment starting at the bottom of the coporate ladder.


Being a minority himself, Hector understands what it takes to commit and succeed. He emigrated to the U.S. with his family at age ten, grew up in South Florida, and applied to IBM seven times before they ever took notice. He started as a tape librarian on  3rd shift; he’s traveled from continent to continent bringing his  energy, enthusiasm, and sensible advice to organizations and individuals across the globe.


He speaks on career and life making decisions, predicting your future, and innovation, He not only believes, but he’s proof that you don’t need talent to succeed, but everything else counts.    He’s an inventor, college instructor and has a B.A. in management  from Barry University and Executive MBA in Innovation Commercialization from Florida Atlantic University


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