Havona Madama Attorney Turned Entrepreneur: Founder of Tuesdays at Ten and KidKlass



Havona Madama started her career as a lawyer in Chicago.   Shortly after moving to New York, her childhood dream, in 1999, Havona started a solo practice which she grew into the successful partnership, Madama Griffitts O’Hara LLP, a business law firm representing entrepreneurs primarily in the entertainment and technology fields.   In 2012 Havona left the partnership to focus on entrepreneurial projects.

 After the birth of her first daughter, Stoney, in 2007 Havona began developing creative products to reduce the stress of parenting.  Stoney and Havona own Tuesdays at Ten, Ltd. which is the publisher of the popular Tot Yoga DVD and Stoney’s Shadow, A Triumphant Tale.  They recently released Tot Yoga HD for the ipad and iphone.

 The desire to find the perfect combination of activities for Stoney inspired Havona to develop KidKlass.com, a website which enables parents to find classes in Brooklyn, and Manhattan soon.

 A strong background counseling successful entrepreneurs and a desire to solve problems drive Havona to pursue creative solutions for innovative parenting.

Websites: Kidklass.com, Totyoga.com, Tuesdaysatten.us


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