Cindy Slansky - founder of GreenPaxx


GreenPaxx founder Cindy Slansky is no stranger to hard work.  Born and raised in Queens, New York, she was taught by her Italian immigrant/refugee parents to be environmentally conscious out of necessity.  The fourth of five siblings, Cindy grew up poor, in a small apartment with a tiny backyard but nonetheless always had a vegetable garden, composted, and was taught that being wasteful was a sign of disrespect.  Not exactly what you would expect from a Queens girl.  This upbringing set the stage for a relentless work ethic and deep-rooted respect for the Earth.

After graduating from the State University of New York, Cindy began her adult career in retail sales for The Limited Corp.  She quickly turned her retail sales savvy into a lucrative career in wholesale for one of the country's largest womens accessory companies.  There, she grew her revenue to over $10 million annually but always felt like there was something missing in her life, like there was something more she needed to do.  She decided to go back to school to become a Nurse Practitioner.  After graduating nursing school at the top of her class, Cindy worked the next four years as an RN at one of the nation's top cardiac hospitals.

It was only after having four children though, that Cindy realized her responsibility for their health and her own.  Combining her sales and health experience, she spent three years researching and developing a line of products geared towards the Eco-conscious health enthusiast.  Her just launched company, GreenPaxx, is dedicated to creating non toxic, multi-function products that replace single use disposable plastics and packaged foods.  She is passionate about creating products with a long lifespan that make healthy living more fun.

Change happens in small steps, and the importance of changing just one habit can have a huge impact on your health and the environment. -CINDY SLANSKY

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