Michael Anthony - Business Owner of Multi-Million Dollar Contracting Company

Michael Anthony is the owner of a Contracting company that specializes in exterior restoration of high rise buildings, and interior renovations of rental units.  Michael’s company has grown to a 20 million dollar company, within the last five years.  He holds a B.S. in Accounting and worked as an accountant for a short period before launching a career in the real estate/construction industry in 1995.

After switching careers, Michael started renovating 1 and two family homes.  His company would purchase, renovate and sell.  In the 1997 when he opened his contracting company, there was an upswing in the real estate market and he took full advantage of it.

In 2001 he started building new construction projects.  He would purchase a site and act as the developer and the builder.  After doing this for 4 years, he then expanded by taking on jobs from other clients. 

In 2005 he started to work as a sub-contractor in masonry, restoration industry.  Observing  that the development markets were going to recede, he moved all of his company efforts to 90% for hire work, and 10 % in house development. This move, although pre-mature at the time, is the reason he survived this downturn in the construction and housing industry.

His company has found this specialty niche and no longer works as a sub contractor; he made the move to be a prime Contractor after 2 years.

The company employed over 280 employees last year during the peak season.  This season he will employ close to 200 employees or even more depending on the bidding process and its ebbs and flows. 

His clients range from publicly traded Real estate investment trust, to private owners, condo and co-ops.  The company has been involved with Landmarked restorations and Landmarks New Development, and has extensive knowledge and skill in balcony restoration.  Michael's company is also involved in apartment renovation programs that speeds up the turnover of rental units, in 5-8 days.  This quick turn around time has helped his clients increase rents and not lose valuable rental days.

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