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About Betty-Ann
Betty-Ann Heggie has reinvented herself more times than Madonna - from beauty queen to beer rep to belly dancer to corporate executive, and now to The Stilletto Chick, a slimmed-down globe-trotter and speaker who helps women connect to their flow of Effortless Energy. A member of Canada's Top 100 Most Powerful Women Hall of Fame, Betty-Ann is all too familiar with the issues women face balancing careers and motherhood. She is also well aware of the struggles that women are met with on a daily basis, having personally gained and lost over 100 pounds - twice. As a result, Betty-Ann now devotes her time to helping women leverage their masculine and feminine energy to address issues such as weight, work, and wealth.
Betty-Ann grew up working in a family business and graduated from the University of Saskatchewan. She was on her way to a career in teaching when she became the first female beer rep in Saskatchewan. Her journey through the business world ultimately landed her in agribusiness, where she climbed the corporate ladder to become a senior vice president at PotashCorp. She has the distinction of being named Canada's Top Investor Relations Officer by both her clients and her peers, and was also awarded the Queen's Golden Jubilee Medal. More recently she won the Alumni Mentorship Award from the University of Saskatchewan, and her efforts on behalf of women were recognized by the "Women Helping Women" award at the 2009 Stevie Awards for Women in New York.
After 26 years in the corporate world, Betty-Ann heard a calling to share her quest for female empowerment. She shows her audiences the importance of having enough feminine energy to balance the masculine energy prevalent in the system. Just as a corporation benefits from the infusion of feminine energy women bring to the table, so too will individuals benefit from developing their opposite energy. By following her Six Stilletto Steps, you can balance the energy of the genders and access the Effortless Energy of the universe.
Today, Betty-Ann spreads her message through her keynote speeches and workshops across North America, and you can schedule her to speak at your next event. She has also used her retirement to embrace her love of travel, where her experiences in many countries have underlined her beliefs about the importance of good Gender Physics. You can follow her insights at her blog, Reflections On Gender Physics: Leveraging Masculine and Feminine Energy. And be sure to check out her eBook, Love the Woman in the Mirror: Six Stilletto Steps to Making Peace with Weight, available now!

Richie Byrne



One of the most requested comedians working today, Richie’s talents are a unique mix. Combine the sharpness of the New York observationalist with the charm of an old-school storyteller--add a dominating stage presence with one of the highest laugh-per-minute counts in the business and you have only scratched the surface of this one-of-a-kind performer.


A classic complainer, Richie Byrne is someone we all can relate to. His stories about his mother, his brothers, his cousin’s wedding, his grandmother…make you swear he must have been at your last family affair. He can then change gears and pontificate on the world we live in (politics, popular music, kids, sports) that make you believe he must know what you are thinking! But, his most hard-hitting material is usually reserved for Richie himself. His stories about being on the set of shows like “Sex & the City” and “The Sopranos”… or going to the doctor…or even just trying to drive home from the show will have you roaring with laughter.


Richie is now the official warm- up comedian for FOX’s, “Dr. Oz Show.”

He’s proud to be associated with such a successful show. Richie has also incorporated his experiences from the show into his comedy routine.


His comedy credits include such well-known clubs as Dangerfield’s and Carolines in Manhattan as well as many clubs around the country, including Hilarities in Cleveland and The Ice House in Pasadena. Richie has had comedy appearances on Comedy Central, VH1, “The Rosie O’Donnell Show” & “The Morning Show with Mike & Juliet” and most recently, TruTv’s “World’s Dumbest…”


Not only a popular comedian, Richie is also an accomplished actor & singer, with a long resume of theatrical credits (music and legit) as well as television. Besides his stints on HBO’s “Sex” & “Sopranos” he has also been on “Law & Order: Criminal Intent” & “Conviction” on NBC. He can also be seen in the feature film “Goodbye Baby”. Written & directed by Dan Schecter, it is a film about a young girl who enters the world of stand-up. Besides performing material in the movie and playing a part, Richie was also a consultant on the set and helped to write original material for the lead character.


Richie is also very proud to be a main performer for the “Comedy Cures” organization. Founded by Saranne Rothberg, “Comedy Cures” is a non-profit organization that uses comedy as a therapeutic tool for people living with illness, depression, trauma and disabilities. “Comedy Cures” recently organized a show at the United Nations. Richie was the opening act. The UN officials stated that comedy had never been done there before, so Richie Byrne is proud to say that he is the first comedian ever to perform at the UN! Richie has also been a major part of Comedy Cures “Laugh Talk Radio.”


But, Richie’s biggest accomplishment in show business is “The Richie Byrne Show”. Richie’s talent for acting, singing and comedy made it a natural step that he would star in his own ‘variety show’ series and “The Richie Byrne Show” is it!


Written by some of the top comics in NY and performed by some of the most talented actors, singers and musicians, “The Richie Byrne Show” is an “off the wall” throwback to the old days of “Variety”. Based on such great programs like “The Jackie Gleason Show” and “Your Show of Shows” , the ensemble cast and “big name” guest stars from all walks of entertainment take you on a 90 minute, whirlwind ride of sketches, songs and stand-up comedy in a seamless fashion, with Richie Byrne as the hilarious thread that holds all the pieces together.


Richie Byrne is a multi-talented, uniquely funny comedian and performer that you don’t dare miss!!! For more information, contact Linda Rohe, Coastal Entertainment Productions

(718) 728-8581.

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