Robbie Ann McPherson Tarot Card Reader with Great Biz Tips



Robbie Ann's twenty years of journalism and public relations experience has taken her through corporate communications, television reporting, media relations, teaching public speaking, writing, editing, broadcasting production, crisis communication and developing public relations strategy.

Her personal life experiences have led her through many trials and tribulations, and she credits her sense of spirituality with surviving her parents ugly divorce, a difficult adolescence, and the suicide of her teenaged brother and loss of all four of her grandparents within a five year period in her early twenties.

Robbie Ann’s Tarot readings are often focused on navigating the emotional challenges and crossroads moments in life, and making decisions from a point of strength. 

She is careful to acknowledge that she is not a professional psychotherapist, and does not dispense medical or mental health advice; she is a big proponent of professional therapy from a qualified provider as a healing tool.

Robbie Ann considers herself a spiritual coach, with one foot in the pragmatic and one foot in the ethereal.

A lifelong music lover, songwriter and singer, she also performs locally in Studio 54, a dance band.
          She has worked and lived in Montana, Los Angeles, and New York City, and has returned permanently to her hometown in Buffalo, New York.

          She runs a public relations consultancy in Buffalo, New York, and offers Tarot readings by appointment.

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