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Everyone has a psychic ability. Basically we all receive information in different ways. Some people get dreams, some people see images, hear things, feel things etc. The more that we pay attention to these feelings the stronger the ability becomes. If one ignores their abilities it becomes dormant and may fade away.

For me I see images, hear things, feel things and the dead talk to me. Being a MEDIUM I cannot just press a button and make it happen. As far as the communication with those on the other side. There is no special phone number to dial up to God and ask to connect to a loved one. " It is not Burger King". We cannot have it our way! Keep in mind if someone is quiet in this life, the same rings true on the other side. Also the opposite, if someone was loud here, they are usually loud on the other side.

There is no particular order for the way that the information comes to me. I am dyslexic, and have ADD. So basically it is a giant puzzle board that I try to put together for my clients. "Very much like how children daydream." However, each puzzle is specific for that reading and/or that person. A lot of what I get is symbolism with real images. I also do medical intuitive work. I had a reoccurring dream ten years ago, that my dad was pregnant for three months and he was getting a c-section. Later on it turned out that he had to have triple hernia surgery done. So basically he looked pregnant. The symbols in the dream contained the message about my father’s upcoming surgery.

Also, please understand that no one can tell us how long we are going to live and there is no such thing as magic or spells or curses, etc. If there were Practitioners like me would be millionaires.

Francine Tesler

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