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Laura Deutsch

  Laura Deutsch is the founder and creator of babybites.  Laura experienced the transition from being a working woman to stay-at-home mom challenging, lonely, and stressful.  She understood the importance of spending time with other new moms but found it difficult to find new mom friends. Laura’s vision was to create a venue where new moms could easily meet, socialize, and feel a sense of community with other new moms.

Laura held her first babybites luncheon in February 2006 on the Upper East Side and the response from the community was overwhelming!  Emails poured in from moms all over NYC asking Laura to bring babybites to their part of town.  She responded by starting babybites luncheons on the Upper West Side and in Murray Hill.  In response to more requests Laura enhanced the babybites program to include events for expectant moms, sample classes around town, parenting seminars, support groups, toddler activities, and special events for the whole family.

Fast forward several years and babybites has become a household name in the New York area mommy world.  babybites is the place for moms and moms-to-be to network, socialize, learn, share, play, and be part of a supportive community.

Come share a babybites experience and you too will meet other moms and form friendships that will last a lifetime!

Heather Ouida

Heather Ouida always thought that motherhood would get a whole lot easier once her two boys entered school.  She quickly realized that although she left the sleepless nights and toddler tantrums behind, a whole new set of age-specific challenges arose.  As she always did when she had parenting questions, Heather turned to Laura Deutsch, founder of babybites.

Together Laura and Heather co-founded kiddybites. They decided to use babybites’ already successful format and tailor it to the needs of parents with children aged 4+. Kiddybites’ mission is to provide advice and education through seminars and events, to help parents better support, understand and interact with their children.

Heather used her experience—both as a mom as well as a learning specialist with over 15 years of experience in London and at Dalton in Manhattan—to establish a lecture series that fosters the physical, emotional and intellectual development of children, facilitated by top child and parenting professionals.

Heather lives on the Upper East Side with her husband Jordan and their two sons. Here are some “fun-facts” that Heather posted about herself in one of her blog posts:

“In addition to all the standard, run-of-the-mill facts you can read about me on my bio, here are a few juicier tidbits: (1) nothing makes me laugh harder than hearing my sons laugh; (2) I eat one jar of Nutella a week (straight up); (3) I have been addicted to yoga for years and still can’t touch my toes; (4) when I met my husband he had a Mohawk; (5), I was once escorted at gunpoint from the Giza Pyramids in Egypt for mistakenly entering a restricted zone (my-bad); (6) Chuck Bass (enough said); and, (7) I am crazy-passionate about moms supporting each other without passing judgment.  Please see my earlierblog post, Non-Judgment day in the Village. "


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