Guest for Sept 22nd Bill Dueease Author and Co-founder of The Coach Connection


Bill Dueease

Co-founded The Coach Connection (TCC) in 2001 to assist people to achieve their greatest results through life coaching. Over 1,500 TCC clients now go to play every day and get to call it work by connecting with their personally matched TCC Member Coach. After many years of success in various business endeavors, Bill found his dream job in career coaching with his company, The Coach Connection! He now conducts leadership workshops for women business owners for "The Count Me In" women business owners' growth organization, and has spoken to numerous groups on coaching, working, and business issues. His business and life improvement articles have been published in over 100 paper magazines, and in an untold number of Internet sites. He holds a BS and a MS in Industrial Engineering and Management. He has been happily married for 25 years and has four grown children

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