Josephine's Paying it Forward Guest for December 9, 2009 is Lynne Lambert, Creator of the NYC Subway Line

Lynne Lambert, creator of the NYC Subway Line brand of apparel and accessories, came to NYC to further her dream of being an actor.  As she settled in Brooklyn, that meant riding the subways everyday to auditions in Manhattan.   Eventually she achieved some success, especially in voice-overs and radio commercials.  She was the announcer for Pound Puppies, Amstel Light Beer, Lysol, the voice inside a talking doll, and performed all of the women’s voices in Grand Theft Auto II! 

But this success was interrupted by inspiration while waiting for a subway train!  Why hadn’t anyone ever made those quintessential NYC subway signs and symbols into clothing?  She couldn’t shake the idea, and the NYC Subway Line was born!  See

Since then, Lynne has created 2 more unique lines:  Coney Island Line- which features the famous sideshow performers; and London LineZ – accessories decorated with a map of Central London.  Visit them at and

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