Put the Weights Down!

You know what is SO not for me in the new year?Negativity about my body.Getting value from my jeans size.Thinking I have to lose weight to be...

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The Biggest Issues in Children's Health Today

Dr. Alina Olteanu is an integrative pediatrician and owner of Whole Child Pediatrics of North Texas. She played a major role in helping my youngest...

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What is MTHFR and How Does It Affect Me?

Dr. Tracey Stroup is a Naturopathic Doctor, Certified Natural Health Professional, certified Digestive Health Specialist, Master Herbalist who also...

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How to Raise Emotionally Resilient, Confident Children

Parents and teachers and anyone who works with children - you'll want to tune into this episode! While it seems as if children are experiencing more...

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Is Your Poop Telling You Something?

Yes, we're going there this episode. We're talking about poop - specifically, the role of gut bacteria in our overall health and well being. This...

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Discovering Healing from Trauma with Dr. James Gordon

The featured guest on this episode is Dr. James Gordon, Harvard-trained psychiatrist with 50 years of clinical experience,, who is also the Founder...

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Show Premiere - Living with the Stigma of Bipolar Disorder

Exactly 20 years ago, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder.But I didn't go public about it until a year and a half ago.Why? The stigma, the jokes,...

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Meet Erin

Erin Kerry is a certified integrative nutrition health coach and self-proclaimed “nutrition nerd.” She taught middle school English for 11 years before pursuing her wellness business full time. She is the owner of the nutrition coaching company, Sparking Wholeness.

As a survivor of bipolar disorder, Erin knows firsthand how suffering from a chronic illness can infiltrate every area of life. She has spent the last 5 years learning what “holistic health” truly means - and that comes in the form of nutrition for mind, body and soul.

Erin wants people to be empowered to be their own health advocate. Her show brings together a variety of voices to speak on a plethora of health issues facing us today. Whether it’s addressing trauma, healing the gut microbiome, biohacking genes, addressing body image concerns, or exploring the struggles of motherhood and parenting, all shows are designed to spark wholeness. 

Find more information at www.sparkingwholeness.com or on Instagram at the handle @sparkingwholenes.

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