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STOP RAISING EINSTEIN, right here and right now. What's wrong with raising Einstein? "Nothing, if you're his Mother!" says show host, Tara Kennedy Kline. Parents take their job far to seriously and in trying to keep up with the Joneses, force their children into a box they won't ever fit into. Tara Kennedy Kline is out to dispel that myth of the "perfect child" and encourage parents to let them out of the box. Each child is unique, and this show is just the place to stand up and shout out that fact that children need to be raised to discover their own unique brilliance.

The self proclaimed "Queen of Accountability", does just that by loudly advocating "positive parenting" and "unique education for spirited children".

Join Tara and her guests both parents and parenting experts for a variety of perspectives, as they describe the challenges and joys of parenting, and tell the stories that celebrate them, their dreams and possibilities of bringing up children who live out their very own passions and purpose, not those decided on by societal expectations.

Make these Stop Raising Einstein principles your own - Love unconditionally. Give freely. Laugh openly. Learn daily. Grow immensely.

And, of course, listen to the show live or in archive!

Tara Kennedy-Kline is a certified family parent coach, popular radio host, impassioned speaker and most excellent mom to her sons, Alex and Max. She has been dubbed "The Queen of Accountability" and she works with parents everyday to guide them through those days they wonder why they ever had kids in the first place. Personal experience with her son, Alex, who is on the autism spectrum, inspired her to write her book, Stop Raising Einstein: Discover The Unique Brilliance in Your Child and You. The book's popularity garnered tremendous interest when it was featured on The Today Show.

Tara is co-author of Mom Entrepreneur Extraordinaire, the President & CEO of TK's Toy Box, an educational toy distributorship that works with charitable and non-profit giving programs.

Tara is a contributor to many top-rated parenting magazines and blogs. Her passion and purpose is to redirect parents who are frustrated trying to raise the perfect child in an imperfect world, and instead inspires them to discover the unique brilliance in their children and themselves. Tara's animated, open, honest, hard hitting and inspiring style uses those principles to create winning family teams through her Family Playbook workshops and programs.

You can tune in to listen to Tara's opinions developed from personal experience on her weekly radio show, Stop Raising Einstein, as she talks with outstanding guests from everyday parents to experts in the parenting field. You can hear her in person speaking around the country at various events and as a guest on TV talk shows.


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