Success Profiles Radio 08/10/20 show

Curt Mercadante was this week's guest on Success Profiles Radio. He has built three successful businesses, including a 7-figure Public Relations and Advertising agency. He is also the author of the book "Five Pillars Of The Freedom Lifestyle: How To Escape The Comfort Zone Of Misery".

We discussed why he chose to dismantle his business at the height of its success, how he found his first 10 customers, how to decide when to say yes and no to opportunties, and the five pillars of the freedom lifestyle.

In addition, we talked about how to determine when to fire a client, how abundance vs scarcity determines our choices, what people get wrong about branding, and how money flows toward authenticity.

Finally, we discused how to build an authority brand, influence versus impact, the two power questions he asks himself at the beginning of each day, and his podcast Freedom Mindset Radio. We talked about a lot more on the show. You can subscribe on iTunes, and you can also hear it here: 

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