Success Profiles Radio 09/07/20 show

Tyson James Lee was this week's guest on Success Profiles Radio. He helps his clients upgrade all areas of their lives from physical and emotional health, to financial gain and abundance. We discussed how he started as a health coach and personal trainer, as well as his rock bottom moment where he overcame addiction and prison to build a thriving business where he generated almost a quarter million dollars in his first year as a coach.

We talked about how we can raise our energy, how his business has adjusted during the pandemic, the importance of learning to love yourself, and the willingness to do so.

In addition, we discussed identifying and raising our upper limits of what we think is possible for us. We also talked about completely accepting ourselves, and how loving ourselves can impact our businesses. We also talked about how to live in our zone of genius as often as possible, as well as his coaching programs.

We talked about so much more.You can subscribe on iTunes, and you can hear the show at




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