Success Profiles Radio 09/28/20 show

In this week's episode, I did the show without a guest, and I shared the best lessons I learned from previous guests on Success Profiles Radio. Topics of discussion included taking responsibility for your actions, gratitude, creating a legacy that will outlive you, committing to being in the top 10% of your industry, being a giver, and committing to creating 10x the impact in your business.

In addition, I talked about self-discipline, mental toughness, and overcoming self-limiting beliefs. Other topics included why people don't write a book, why they should, what you need to get started, and ways to actually begin. I also talked about creating multiple streams of income from a book, and whether to hire a ghostwriter or write it yourself.

Finally, I talked about 7 ways to break out of a slump. You can hear any episode on iTunes or at

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Success Profiles: Conversations with High Achievers Volume 2

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