Success Profiles Radio 11/30/20 show

Stefan Georgi was this week's guest on the 400th episode of Success Profiles Radio. He is one of the top direct response copywriters in the world generating over $700 million in sales between himself and his clients. He owns multiple multi-million dollar companies, and mentors clients through his copywriting programs.

We talked about how copywriting is different from other types of writing, what makes a great copywriter, the best ways to find new clients, how to capture the client's voice in your writing, and what an exploratory session with a new client looks like.

We also discussed how he has generated world-class results, how there is a formula to great copywriting, measuring the effectiveness of a sales letter, and his mentoring and mastermind programs.

Finally, we discussed his live show Road To A Billion where he takes live callers' questions about copywriting and building a business. We talked about a lot more on the show, and you can hear it on iTunes and at

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