Success Profiles Radio 01/11/21 show

Cody Sperber was this week's guest on Success Profiles Radio. He is the founder of Clever Investor and his new online learning platform, 100 Million Academy. He got his start in real estate investing with no money and a pile of loans. Once he figured it out, he became one of the country's most successful real estate investors, flipping over 1000 properties worth more than $200M.

We talked about lessons he learned in the Navy that have translated into real estate investing career, why women are especially successful doing this, details about his very first deal where he made $40,000, and how to pick a good market.

In addition, we discussed leverage and using other people's money, why sellers can be motivated to sell quickly, the biggest mistakes people make when trying to invest, and the different ways real estate investing can happen.

Finally, we also talked about a mentoring opportunity that he is offering, who is a good fit for his program, and his most memorable client experience. You can hear the show on iTunes or at

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