Success Profiles Radio 04/15/21 show


Ryan Alarid and Meghan Damico were this week’s guests on Success Profiles Radio. Ryan has more than 15 years of experience managing, developing, and growing affiliate programs. He is the VP at Digistore24 and has generated over $400 million in affiliate revenue. Meghan is the VP of Sales at Digistore24, and in six months her strategies across multiple partnerships led to an unprecedented growth of 1100% percent from $150K to $1.8 million in monthly commissions, all while buying 100+ email placements a month at cost.

We discussed what types of products and services work well with affiliate programs, how to build a powerful sales team, creating a great corporate culture, and building a strong social media following.

In addition, we talked about how to find great affiliate managers, creating and nurturing relationships, and building email lists.

Finally, we talked about what affiliate marketers can learn from the top brands and whether or not affiliate marketing can work with any business model. You can hear the show on iTunes, or you can hear any episode at


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