Success Profiles Radio 05/24/21 show

Todd Lamb was this week's guest on Success Profiles Radio. He is the CEO of Pure Life Organics, a supplement company that provides powerful and transformative natural organic remedies to promote healthy metabolism through proprietary superfood-infused teas.

We talked about the skills that he learned in the military that transferred to sales, the highest value skill that anyone can learn, the challenges of starting his company, how he made 600K in 30 days doing a product launch, and what it takes to scale to an 8 figure business.

In addition, we talked about how he used e-commerce to build his business, the use of paid traffic and affiliate traffic, and using a subscription-based model in his business.

Finally, we talked about the mistakes people make when writing copy, the power of risk-free guarantees, the importance of corporate social responsibility, and the power of masterminds. You can hear the show on iTunes or listen at

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